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Northern Europe Northern EuropeSpruce is from trees more than 100 years; its quality of raw materials is steady; wood dryness is at 12%, 14%, 16% and 18%, and it has passed through the Northern Europe PEFC forest management certification.
Due to its physical and chemical properties, it can show fine and even texture and release special aromatic odor; meanwhile, it can also play an important role in energy-saving and emission-reduction. It is called “breathing wood”. It is mainly used in sauna board, indoor & outdoor wallboard, ceiling, partition, floor (plate), cupboard, etc. Meanwhile, it is also used widely in furniture and preserving timber industry.

Radiata Pine Radiata Pine is mainly from New Zealand and Chile. It has developed successfully in Australia, South Africa and Spain. It is a kind of tree with fast growing, high production and multi-function.
Radiata pine is the high-quality cork, which has medium wood density, even-textured, average shrinkage rate, and highly reliability. Intact timber has no problems of rot, heart rot and insect bites. The wood can hold nails well with strong penetration, which can easily handle by anti-corrosion, drying, curing and colored. It is also best materials for art craft. Besides, it can be used in large buildings, and man-made plates. It has long wood fiber, which is a good kind of materials for making high-strength paper. We can make thin paper, printing paper, and others. Through creosote sodium treating, it can be made into railroad tie. It has a strong anti-corrosion performance.

Hemlock/hemfir Hemlock/hemfiris the most and significant wood existing in British Columbia Coast Line of Canada, which takes up about 60 percent in mature wood. It is processed and sold as hemlock.
Its height is about from thirty five meters to fifty five meters; diameter is ninety cm or more. Its strength, hardness and dense are very large. It is perfect combination of strength and outlook as well as the widest and elegant coniferous species. It has bright and clear color, fresh wood grain, excellent processing performance, which belongs to non-oily species. It is used widely in paneling, furniture, door & window, floor wood, etc. Because of its color and wood grain, it is also used in photo frames and wood art craft.

Douglas fir In North American corks,Douglas fir(Douglas fir) is one of the most popular. It is very strong with height of thirty five meters to fifty five meters. Its diameter is about 120 cm. It is called beauty tree in domestic Pseudotsuga menziesi(Mirbel) Franco.
Douglas fir has many good characteristics: high strength, high hardness, high density, easy-processed, less curved, and suitable durability; easy-dried, good stability, good processed performance, easy-glued and painted, and strong corrosion resistance. It is used in structural buildings, and common buildings. In domestic, it is used in wood door, window, furniture, and decoration materials, etc.

Wester red cesar West part of American and Canada is the home of Wester red cesar, which is highest anti-corrosion wood in North American. It has high performance of anti-corrosion; and it is from one kind of alcoholic materials naturally.
There is no need of anti-corrosion and press treatment for Wester red cesar. It can resist attack and corrosion of insect, epiphyte, and white ant. Besides, it has better stability, long useful life, non-deformation, and good to environment. Even if it is used in dry and wet environment, it can be used about for 30 to 50 years. It has light yellow heartwood which has different colors from pink and dark grey; having straight grain, non-holes, special flavor, excellent processing and stability, and light material. It is mainly used in wood platform, wood pavilion, exterior wall cladding, etc. It is the top landscape materials in China. Meanwhile, it is used widely in outdoor, furniture, art craft, and sauna product because of its special performance.

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