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The Big Bright Cinema of Shanghai is completed by us independently (Using imported non-reflective glass of 3mm, 6mm, 8mm); Henkel (Shanghai) Training Center (Using ultra-white tempered glass of 8mm and 12mm). Besides, we also assist some sheet glass and processing manufacturers, like Shandong JinJing, Shaghai Yaohua Pilkington, and North Glass (Beijing) to complete the following constructions: Beijing National Grand Theatre Project (Be used 19mm ultra-white hot bending and thermal glass); National Olympic Park (Materials: Ultra-white laminated glass of 6mm, 8mm and Ultra-white tempered glass of 15mm); Suzhou Museum, Suzhou Technology & Culture Centre, Shanghai Grand Gateway, Shanghai North Bund Hotel and Shanghai Auto Museum etc. All of the projects have gained high praise of customers and professionals.More...

Marco Polo Parkside Beijing
Marco Polo Parkside Beijing
Location:Core Place of Asian Games Village,Chaoyang Distric,Beijing
Product adopted:19mm Ultra Clear Tempered Glass

Big Bright Cinema
Big Bright Cinema
Item Location: bright cinema, Nanjing West Road, Shanghai
The varieties of applicative Produced by float glass:3mm, 6mm,8mm
Project number: 210㎡、80㎡、120㎡
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